Helping the Site

Firstly, if you're on this page I'd like to thank you for being willing to help. This site is a 1-person project and although I can pretty much manage on my own, every help I can get is very much appreciated.

Now, there are a few ways in which you can help. The first 2 ways are by submitting names and by suggestion new name generators.
People who have contributed names and who have suggested name generators have helped this website a lot. Most of these people can be found on the thank you page.

Another way to help the site is by submitting artwork for the name generators. Every time I create a new generator I use public domain photos to create a somewhat themed background, but I'd love to use some original artwork from the people who use my website.
You can submit your work by simply sending me a link to your work using the contact form below.
All artists will be credited, both on the thank you page and on the generator page with the work you've submitted (including a link to your website/work if available).

Another way to help is by spreading the word about this website. Share it on facebook, twitter or google+ by using the buttons in the top left corner of each name generator, or post a link on your own website or on a game forum you use.
Spreading the word will help the site reach more people, which will help it grow.

The last way you can help is by simply showing your appreciation. Send me a kind message to cheer me up or send me a link to a project with names you've used from this website.
I love seeing how people have used this website as an inspiration for stories, game characters, drawings and anything else you may have used the names on this website.

Submitting names and suggesting name generators

I'm always looking for more names to add to our generators. I add new names to many of the generators almost every week, though because some generators have 1000's of names and over a million different possible combinations, some updates will barely be noticeable.

However, if you have any cool names you think would be a nice addition, please send them to me using the contact form below.
Name generator suggestions can also be send using the contact form below.

If you submit names or make a suggestion, your (nick)name will be added to the thank you page, but for privacy reasons I will never put your full name on it, only your first name and the first letter of your last if you've given me one.
If you wish to remain anonymous, please tell me and I won't post your name.

If you want me to reply to your message, please make sure you didn't accidentally type your e-mail wrong. It has happened a lot and I'd hate for you to think I don't reply, as I always do (unless you're trying to sell me something or offer me a new advertisement service). :)

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