Nice to meet you

I receive a whole bunch of messages every day and I love every one of them. Many of you wish to know me a little better or you simply wonder who the person behind this site is and why I created it in the first place. Heck, some of you even think there's a whole team behind this site, that's a huge compliment so thank you for thinking that. But you're wrong, it's just me on my own. I'm Emily by the way, nice to meet you.

On this page I will give you some background information, information about the site and information about what it means to me, but I won't go into too much detail, I wouldn't want to bore you. Anyway, let's start off with the website itself.

About the site

So, the beginning. I initially created this website as a small and fun project. It was nothing serious, I barely knew how to create a site, let alone do everything else, but I love to learn by doing, rather than studying books and texts. So that's what I did. I created a site and I wanted some unique content, but I didn't want to write large articles, I had already done that on other projects.

That's when the idea of name generators was born. At first it was mostly the standard fantasy names, names for orcs, elves and dragons, as well as some real name generators. When the site was "ready" it looked absolutely awful and had about 15 generators, but I had a lot of fun creating it, so I continued. I made it look better and I added more generators and the ball started rolling from there.

People began using my website and they liked it (some even loved it) enough to share it among friends and fellow gamers, writers and other creative folk and that was the very beginning of what the site is today. The site kept growing and growing, both in terms of how many people used it and in terms of content. I kept working and working on more generators, I wanted to make sure people would be able to find any type of name they'd want on my site and this is something which still hasn't been fulfilled completely, but I'm still working.

What began as a small and fun project, something I did in my spare time as a minor hobby, turned into a massive project which now takes up a big chunk of my time, but I have so much fun creating new generators. Plus knowing I help so many people is incredible to me, even if that help is as minor as finding a name for a game character. But I know from the messages so many of you have sent me that I also help in bigger ways, which is just absolutely amazing to me and really makes working on this site a joy.


The site has grown and changed a lot. What started as a site with only a handful of name generators has grown into a site with, at the time of writing this (March 2015), over 500 generators, which includes description generators, image generators, a wealth of game universe specific name generators and even a basic language generator, as well as the currently recent addition of guides. I never ever would've thought the site would grow this big and it's nowhere near finished growing.
Update (December 2016), the site now has over 900 generators. Woo!

This continuous growth is what leads me to the next part, the part about all of you and the part that is the most amazing part of all.

You guys and what you mean to me

Let me start by saying you have no idea how much the support I receive on a daily basis means to me. My to-do list with your suggestions is enormous and has yet to stop growing, the names you've submitted are both incredibly helpful and inspiring, the amount of people who have shared my site with friends is far beyond counting and the thank you messages I receive on a pretty much daily basis are just incredibly heart warming and motivating.

Then there are the people who donate simply because they want to. I've had an incredible amount of donations from so many generous people and even after thanking each and every one of them personally I still haven't found the words to properly express my gratitude. Even now I'm lost for words to try an express what you mean to me.

It's thanks to all of you that I absolutely love working on this site. I may have started it as a small, personal hobby, but it turned into a huge community project.
Anyway, enough emotional talk, just know that your support, in any shape or form, means the absolute world to me. It's you who keep me working on this site with such pleasure, day in day out, 7 days a week.

Love and many thanks,

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